• Staff Interview – Terry Bloom – Senior Account Manager

    8th May, 2020

    What's something that has happened within your job in the last 12 months? I moved from QAD to Kettering earlier this year. At the same time, many of the customers I was working with made the same transition so it was an easy change to make. Kette

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  • Kettering 2020 Virtual User Group

    24th February, 2020

      This is our first Virtual User Group of the year. As you all know, manufacturing is always changing and so is Kettering. In this User Group we will be telling you what's new including taking on 20 new clients within Australia, New Zeal

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  • Meritor Visit

    16th September, 2019

    Angela went to visit our client Meritor to talk to them about their upcoming programme of work. In the picture from left to right are Tony, Suvitha, Angela & Joseph in their Sunshine office in Victoria.

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  • Tips & Tricks with .NET Virtual User Group

    5th September, 2019

    Kettering hosted another virtual user group on 18th September 2019 for our clients. At both of our user groups in Brisbane and Auckland, we had a great response to "getting the most out of your current system" presentation so we showed the highlight

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  • Client Interview – Sandra Le Gros – CYB

    23rd August, 2019

    What do you manufacture? Batteries, all sorts of batteries, for cars, marine, caravans, golf buggy batteries. Has been manufacturing for nearly 95 years now. What do you love about your job? It’s the company always changing, don’t get too c

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