Kettering is the Eagle Certified Distributor & Services Partner here in Australia.

Enjoy higher productivity, improved data accuracy, and streamlined data entry – all in real-time – with RF Express™ for QAD Enterprise Applications.

A graphical overview of how the QAD / Eagle system works

Designed to integrate critical automated data collection and bar coding functions, RF Express for QAD Enterprise Applications is a web-enabled version of Eagle’s standard product, supporting standard queries and transactions using mobile phone, laptop or palm devices.

Because of its flexible architecture, RF Express for QAD Enterprise Applications adapts easily to changes in business processes.

Eagle’s solution supports a wide array of hardware devices and operates in Linux, NT and Unix environments.

The Value of RF Express for QAD Enterprise Applications:
  • Improves shop floor data collection accuracy
  • Enables timely decision-making through real-time access to information.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for cycle counting.
  • Provides visibility for supply chain partners.
  • Reduces waste and supports lean manufacturing.
  • Supports pallet functionality, consignment inventory, WIP lot tracking, lot compliance and electronic data.
  • Interchange (EDI).
  • Makes the most of the QAD Enterprise Applications investment.
What does RF Express for QAD Enterprise Applications do?

Addresses the many business problems associated with data collection such as: laborious manual systems, excessive paper forms, inaccurate collections, invalidated collections and delayed data posting.

RF Express for QAD Enterprise Applications integrates 100% portable and 100% on-line, wireless hand-held terminals with laser scanners and portable label printing with QAD.

For our regulated clients, we follow their Software Development Life Cycle or Change Management process.

It can be implemented in any manufacturing environment, and can be added to your existing QAD system like any QAD module.

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