Supporting and promoting local manufacturing is what drives us.


We believe Australian, New Zealand and Fijian manufacturing is respected globally for being of a very high standard. As such, our role at Kettering is to support our clients’ growth and reinforce the manufacturing industry in our region as a key pillar of our economy.

We want our communities to be proud to buy locally made products.

We believe in this passionately and know we can only deliver this for clients if our team are aligned on our values which support this vision.

Our Values

Communication – We communicate proactively and openly

This means:

  • I communicate even when I have nothing to say
  • I practice EASY communication that is:
    • Early – We don’t wait to contact someone. We are proactive.
    • Appropriate – We think about how we communicate. If communication isn’t flowing, we try a different method, for example, we pick up the phone when email might be easier but isn’t the best option.
    • Specific – We avoid being vague especially with dates and times.
    • Your Responsibility – It is everyone’s responsibility to communicate. We can’t control others so if communication isn’t happening, we need to make it happen.

Communication is our number one value for a reason.  Nearly every problem we have seems to come back to poor communication.  Poor communication can cause the simplest task problems.  Excellent communication is critical to solving the bigger issues we face.

Teamwork – We work together to achieve the best resultsThe team sit around the meeting room and discuss business with a client

This means:

  • I trust the team
  • I speak up
  • I respect everyone I work with
  • I share my knowledge

Without a strong team, Kettering is just a bunch of smart people who know a lot about manufacturing and ERP.  As a team, we can make significant positive impacts to our clients. 

Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions and outcomes

This means:

  • I keep my commitments
  • I am on time
  • I focus on outcomes, not intentions
  • I get the training I need

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with different skills.  We rely on each other and as a professional, I need to make sure I am prepared and taking full responsibility for the results. 

Agility – We are flexible, delivering results without sacrificing quality

This means:

  • I am focused on the customer need
  • I respond quickly
  • I get the job done


Manufacturing has entered an age where agility is key to success.  To support our clients we need to be at least as agile as them. 

This doesn’t mean cutting corners though.

We live these values everyday at Kettering.

Our values underpin all our big decisions. We ask ourselves, is doing or not doing this in line with our vision and values? 

When hiring, our values are the most important consideration.  If you are smart and share our values, you can work here.  If you don’t share our values, you can’t. We can teach systems and process and our way of doing things, we can’t teach someone values.

Living these values daily means we call out behaviour that doesn’t fit our values and anyone can do this, it is encouraged.

When our team comes together, aligned on these values, they can perform at their best and we know as a result we are actively helping build our economy.

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