We use QAD’s Easy On Boarding (EOB) methodology to implement QAD Enterprise Applications.

QAD Easy On Boarding (EOB) assists in deployment of specific solutions rapidly and effectively, without the need for significant external services. The methodology offers: a pre-defined project scope, predictable costs and short implementation times. It enables the company to minimise the burden on the IT staff as well as minimising service and support costs.

Easy On Boarding utilises industry-specific best practices to accelerate every aspect of how customers deploy our applications.

By using our predefined software components of QAD Enterprise Applications, the EOB program: reduces complexity, eliminates risk, accelerates decision-making and enables the rapid implementation of a solution that best fits the company’s needs.

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This Methodology works well for us and our new clients because it is based on experience from hundreds of QAD implementations around the globe. It includes templates of all the standard functionality available in QAD and provides a method to include or exclude what specific functionality a client needs to implement to operate their business.

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