Still using spreadsheets for budgeting and reporting?

Spreadsheets require a lot of manual processes which can create hidden errors. Prophix Software can help you overcome the frustrations of manually entering numbers all day.

How it works

Prophix is a Corporate Performance Management software that automates critical financial processes such as budgeting, planning, consolidation and reporting to improve profitability and minimise risk. Prophix is a partner of QAD so it seamlessly integrates with our clients. Report automatically whether in the cloud or on-premise. 

Prophix enables you to:

  • Review, analyse and adjust processes based on key performance indicators
  • Automate data consolidation from multiple plants, divisions and cost centres
  • Set up easy self-service reporting for all users, from one version of the truth
  • Create powerful what-if scenarios
  • Pinpoint areas to adjust and manipulate based on analysis at the material, product, business unit, or region level
  • Plan for a head count and automate the calculation of associated costs
  • Meet industry and government reporting regulations
  • Make proactive changes to drive competitive advantage

Thousands of dynamic organisations in more than 90 countries use Prophix software to gain increased visibility and insight into their business performance. 

A graphic demonstrating the benefits of prophix software

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