By simplifying data transfer between disparate enterprise applications and conforming to industry standards Q-Xtend helps organisations reduce their IT costs associated with application integrations.
Q-Xtend serves as the “adapter” between QAD and other enterprise applications, automating critical tasks such as data synchronization and eliminating the burden of maintaining custom interfaces and manual data entry.

Our Consultants are highly experienced in implementing Q-Xtend in areas such as EFTPOS and 3PL integration.

Many of our clients use it to integrate data between their different entities to keep their Master Data in sync.


QAD Boomi AtomSphere is the industry’s leading cloud integration solution, enabling QAD customers to connect Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), private cloud and on premise applications to QAD Enterprise Applications securely and without requiring new hardware. QAD Boomi AtomSphere cloud makes it easy for you to build, deploy and manage process and data integrations to QAD Enterprise Applications, regardless of your company’s size, locations or application portfolio.
Whereas QAD Q-Xtend serves as the “adapter” between QAD and other enterprise applications Boomi is the “middleware” solution that can transport messages between third parties and translate those messages so they can be understood by the different systems.

We have implemented Boomi mainly in the 3PL integration area for our Food and Beverage clients.


QAD EDI eCommerce provides a streamlined method for managing EDI integration through a standard neutral interface to bring transactions in and out of QAD Enterprise Applications. QAD EDI eCommerce simplifies implementing EDI and works with other EDI translators.

QAD EDI eCommerce provides a solution that is fully integrated with QAD Enterprise Applications.

QAD EDI eCommerce builds tighter integration between you and your trading partners, streamlines communications, eliminates errors, speeds up order fulfilment and other business processes, keeps you compliant with your customer’s

EDI requirements while keeping your technology costs low

The most common business driver for the implementation of EDI is when your end customer mandates communication of business documents using their eCommerce Standard.

Our consultants have extensive experience in implementing EDI and more importantly, experience in managing the “other players” that are involved in an EDI Project.  This can be the VAN (Value-Added Network provider) or the IT implementation team working for your end customer.


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