Staff Interview – Terry Bloom – Senior Account Manager

What’s something that has happened within your job in the last 12 months?

I moved from QAD to Kettering earlier this year. At the same time, many of the customers I was working with made the same transition so it was an easy change to make. Kettering has more of a focus on delivering services so it’s been very refreshing. 


What would your team members say about you?

I hope they would reference my depth of knowledge in the QAD product suite and my willingness to help out in any way that I can!


Describe your role here at Kettering?

As an Account Manager, I’m responsible for the day to day relationship with customers, ensuring that they are able to leverage their investment in ERP and are able to adapt to the constantly changing environment that all manufacturers are currently facing.


Bucket list destination?

The top of my list is to see the Northern Lights, preferably from a glass topped igloo with a hot-tub! I’m looking at Finland, Iceland or Norway. 


What do you like doing on the weekends?

For me the weekend is for family time, my daughter is 11 and we like to take the dog out and explore the city and surrounds.


Tell us about your journey so far? 

Prior to joining Kettering, I was with QAD for over 24 years. I started out as a programmer and moved through a number of roles including consulting, management, pre-sales and sales. I’ve seen the application evolve over the years and witnessed first hand how manufacturing in Australia has evolved.


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