• Congratulations to Angela & Yash

    3rd February, 2021

    We are really thrilled for Angela & Yashobhana for receiving recognition for being part of the MiTek Global Go-live Team from Pam Lopker, QAD President and founder. MiTek decided to unify all businesses around the world on one ERP System, QAD

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  • Christmas Reading – Good to Great

    11th December, 2020

    It looks like Nat Cameron has had a peek at this year’s Christmas presents. Every year I give the staff some holiday reading.  (One of the many great things about working at Kettering). I agree with Peter Drucker that “Culture eats st

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  • Last Virtual User Group for 2020

    26th November, 2020

    We had our last virtual user group for 2020 on 25th November. We had 20 different clients attend with 45 people in total which was the biggest turn out we've had for a virtual event. The topic was about the WebUI or other known as the Adaptive UX

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  • Qantas 747 Fleet Bar Cart

    20th November, 2020

    This year marks our 15th anniversary and we have been looking for ways to celebrate. When Qantas decommissioned their 747 fleet and were selling their bar carts we jumped at the opportunity. Qantas Flight Catering Limited as it was then, was one

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  • Staff Interview – Sarah Christ – Service Desk Consultant

    6th November, 2020

    We interviewed our newest staff member, Sarah Christ.    What's something that has happened within your job in the last 12 months? I started working for Kettering on 31st August 2020.   What would your team members say

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