Kettering Values: Teamwork. Why having highly competent people isn’t enough

Having smart people, who know a lot about manufacturing and ERP is obviously critical, but we know that teamwork is our super-power that can make significant positive impacts on our clients’ business success.

Our formal definition of Teamwork is: We work together to achieve the best results. 

This means:

I trust my team

Trust is believing that your team members have the best interest of the team first. If you don’t trust your team members intentions, then you are naturally on guard and not thinking about your common goals. 

I speak up

If we have the trust above, then we can speak freely. Our goal is not to agree with each other but to challenge each other to get the best result. If everyone is sitting around a table agreeing, I’m worried we aren’t fully engaged.

I respect everyone I work with

Respect is one of my personal values I’m passionate about. If you can’t respect everyone from the CEO to the apprentice on the factory floor, you probably won’t make a very good team member and you probably are not open to good ideas regardless of the source.

I share my knowledge

Fortunately this isn’t a problem for us but I have worked in other organisations where consultants believe their knowledge is their value and it needs to be safeguarded.  In my experience it is your ability to share your knowledge and build the capability of those around you that is a much better indication of your value.

It is easy to see why teamwork is so important in delivering for our customers but some of the soft benefits are just as important. I love seeing the involuntary smiles on the team’s faces when they are challenging each other to come up with the best solutions. It is immensely satisfying working in a team like that and a great joy to watch. 

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