Need more time in your day? Swamped by requests to improve your QAD environment? Let us help.

Application Managed Services is designed to help you get all of those user requests done with minimal effort.

Many of our clients’ IT organisations want to do more for their companies but lack of capacity or skill prevents them. 

Often, the tasks they are looking to deliver are small and the overhead to engage third parties to assist is high.

Kettering has QAD experts with a broad range of skills and letting us help will see a significant improvement in your QAD satisfaction levels.

How it works

You can simply allocate work to us as you would to one of your internal team members.  If you don’t have a system, you can use ours. You can log calls via your own help desk or ours, or simply send us an email.  These will be picked up and allocated by our Support team to the most appropriate resource.

You will be able to see the status of the call including who it is assigned to.

A monthly report will be produced showing the work done.

What’s involved

Kettering will cover most of your day to day operational QAD needs as below.

It isn’t intended to replace project work, training or operational work such as entering transactions.

A table below outlines a number of examples.

Example Deliverables

Support and Services deliverables

Standard Support


24×7 support for production system down


Access to log, update and track tickets


Access to QAD Knowledgebase


Access to QAD Documentation


Access to QAD Store to download latest releases etc.


Access to QAD Product Compatibility and Version Information


Access to QAD patches


Three environments supported


Diagnosing/troubleshooting warnings and errors with QAD Products


Remote assistance when needed to resolve QAD product issues


Reporting bugs that appear in QAD products to QAD Support


Suggesting workarounds/patches for QAD product defects


Providing information on patches


Retrofitting and installation of patches


Diagnosing/troubleshooting warnings and errors with customisations


Providing support for Evaluation licenses


Questions about functionality of owned modules including Eagle and FormTrap


Work with Support


Install programs including patches


Browse creation and maintenance including browses requiring inbuilt Progress Procedures


Collections, dashboards, Metrics etc


Add new programs including browses to menus


Adding and updating printers


Live to Test copies


Bug fixes for Kettering or QAD written modifications


Change QAD Reporting Framework (QRF) reports or FormTrap currently being used.  Includes changing printer mappings but not modifications to underlying programs.


Update security (providing requests for changes are specific and clearly authorised)


Trouble shoot integration issues


Prepare CIM Template and perform the actual load. Client is responsible for the actual data including any loss


Set up new customer shipping addresses for existing EDI Trading Partners



Paul Fox – IT Manager at Bundaberg Brewed Drinks.

“Our IT team is part of a fast growing international beverage manufacturer. Like most companies today, everyone is busy, and striving to provide timely responses along with quality advice is difficult. By signing up with the Kettering AMS program, our IT Team was able to assign tasks and help desk jobs to the Kettering team, knowing that they would be completed in a timely manner.

All communication between the AMS team and our staff is logged in our help desk system, so we have a full record of what was completed, along with the ability to measure performance. AMS helps us expand our team capabilities for a fixed rate, and has the benefit of multiple resources working on our tasks.”


Enabling innovation and progress of local manufacturing, empowering our leaders.


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