Application Managed Services (AMS) is an offering from Kettering to empower you, by integrating our team into yours.


Enhanced Support


Severity Levels

Times are during business hours only.
Resolution Goals do not apply to deliverables marked with asterisk.






System Administration












Scope of modules

The following modules in red are included in the scope of AMS unless otherwise specified.



  • Data entry / operational use of QAD
  • Hacking / Virus attacks / Ransomware
  • Support for Third-Party products
  • Networking or other infrastructure services
  • Out of family upgrades (SE to EE)

We are dedicated to continuing to empower our manufacturing leaders with the best tools.


  • You must be on a current maintenance plan with Kettering or QAD or have a QAD Cloud Subscription.
  • We have direct access to your QAD system.
  • Three month minimum with automatic monthly renewals. One month notice to cancel.
  • Deliverables marked with asterisk will require a full year commitment. That is, you have been on this level for a year or have signed for a year or a combination of the two.
  • All work is subject to QAD compatibility guide. Work can be rejected if it is excessively difficult such as major intrusive customisations.
  • Clients must submit all tickets in writing. This can be directly into our portal, via email or through your helpdesk system, connected to our portal. 
  • Kettering will determine what resources are required and how a project is performed to satisfy the underlying business requirement.

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