MiTek NZ Moves to QAD Cloud

What did we do?

Upgraded MiTek New Zealand from 2014 SE standalone on premise environment to MiTek’s global 2018 EE in QAD Cloud.  


MiTek’s global corporate head office saw enormous potential in having all their sites using a single core model in a single database in QAD Cloud. 

The Challenge

Our project was to bring MiTek NZ to the global model, move them to QAD Cloud and upgrade them to the Enterprise Edition.

Did we have any core challenges?

Yes, all the businesses across the world operate differently and aligning them was a significant challenge.  MiTek NZ had unique requirements that were not catered for in the global model. Also, this project was done during New Zealand’s hard COVID-19 lockdown.  Our lead consultant was in Australia and was not able to travel to New Zealand at all, let alone go on site.

Our approach

We used QAD easy on boarding methodology to help us align with the core model.

We worked closely with the client to help them understand the new functionality and advocate for them in global meetings.

Did we do more than what we were asked?

With COVID-19, it was necessary to extend the project support as not only were we not able to go on site but for extended periods the client’s staff were not able to either.


MiTek NZ are now aligned to the corporate model meaning they can be much better supported by the global organization and corporate can easily run reports across the whole group greatly improving the speed and accuracy of reporting with substantially less work.

Being in the QAD Cloud they have a far more robust system that the local business no longer needs to support.

A significant number of custom programs were eliminated.  Now MiTek NZ has virtually no modifications. 

What did the client say?

“I would like to express my appreciation for your team in assisting MiTek NZ QAD EE Cloud implementation. The feedbacks from my colleagues were full of praise and commendation for their professionalism and dedication to the task.” – Lawrence Liew, Financial Controller at MiTek New Zealand.

From left to right, Luis Zavaleta, Andrew van de Paverd (MiTek), Lawrence Liew (MiTek) and Rob Cheesman onsite in New Zealand.

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