Christmas Reading – Good to Great

It looks like Nat Cameron has had a peek at this year’s Christmas presents.

Every year I give the staff some holiday reading.  (One of the many great things about working at Kettering).

I agree with Peter Drucker that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Last year’s focus was more on our team, and the holiday reading was The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni.  We have always had a strong team but this year we have taken it to another level.  This was doubly important with so many new faces this year and I’m thrilled with where we are today.

Strategy is still important though.

This year, we are reading Good to Great by Jim Collins, one of my favourite books on strategy. 

We want to be a great organisation ourselves, but we are in the business first and foremost of helping our clients be great.

Good to Great has a chapter on technology accelerators which is our focus.  We do understand however, that while we have a critical role in the overall strategy of our clients it isn’t about technology for technology’s sake.

Next year if you are talking to our team and they start talking about flywheels or hedgehogs you will know why.

Merry Christmas 

Rob Cheesman

Nat sits on a chair holding Good to Great



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